Friday, 18 October 2013


The Steering Committee is really excited that, at long last, after a summer full of meetings, agendas, lists, flyers, distributions, emails, tweets and blog posts, we are finally ready for our first ever QTSRCA AGM!!

We are looking forward to launching a Community Association that:
1. acts as a voice for the community on issues that affect us all
2. works effectively with the City 
3. organizes events to promote healthy and active living and gets neighbours to meet neighbours..

If you are interested in the agenda for Sunday at 2:00 at Pinecrest Rec Centre Lounge, click here.

We are limiting the topics at the AGM to only dealing with the task of launching the Association and subcommittees. All other issues, we'll take on as tasks for the Association to work on now that it exists. 

Look forward to seeing lots of QTSR folks out on Sunday!

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