Sunday, 20 October 2013


Queensway Terrace South / Ridgeview Community Association is now official!!!

We now have:
  • an Executive Committee:
    • President, Andrea D'Agostino
    • Secretary, Jenny K 
    • Treasurer, Kelly M 
  • 13 Members at Large, including:
             Mike Ash (Stanton)
             Linda Gionet (Placid)
             Scott Plunkett (Tobin)
             Gina Bies (Torquay)
             Jonathan Crone (Firestone)
             Barbara Adair (Sudbury)
             Dawn (Firestone)
             Abby Paige 
             Manon D 
             Mike S
             Claire F
  • a constitution, and
  • 2 subcommittees
    • Rink/Winter Events and 
    • Neighbourhood Watch.

Our first QTSRCA Meeting (all community members are invited) will be on Tuesday, Nov.12. Email QTSR for details.

Stay tuned for more later!

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  1. Congrats! Glad to see this community come alive!