Sunday, 11 May 2014

Safety Tips Re: Door-to-Door Sales

Use the below safety tips to assess if this is a scam or legitimate offer.

Warning Signs:

  • Salesperson arrives unannounced.

  • They say, “We’re from you current water heater provider, utility or local municipality” or, “ I  just need to check your bill to ensure the necessary adjustments have been made”.

  • They pressure you to sign a contract.

  • They refuse to leave product information behind.

What can you do - Safety Tips:

  • Ask questions! A reputable sales associate will have no problem answering your questions.  i.e. What company do you represent; Can I see your ID; How long have you been in business; What are the cancellation fees; Can you leave the contract so I can review it on my own time?

  • Call the organization they’re representing to verify the information provided to you

  • Don’t let them inside your home under any circumstance

  •  Don’t be pressured to sign a contract on the spot. (Limited time offer or scare tactics).

  • If they are rude or insist on coming into your home, ask them to leave and/or call the police (613-230-6211)

If you are uncomfortable with a situation:  Say No!!  It is not impolite it is your RIGHT!!

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