Friday, 20 June 2014

Ottawa Police Offer Online Reporting Option

Ottawa Police is providing citizens with a new way of reporting certain crimes through an online reporting system for very specific types of crimes:
*       Lost Vehicle License Plates
*       Theft (Under $5000)
*       Lost Property (Under $5000)
*       Mischief/Damage to Property (Under $5000)
*       Theft from Vehicle (Under $5000)
*       Traffic Complaints

Online reporting is not meant to replace other forms of reporting crime. If you are not comfortable reporting an incident online, you can still go to a police station or phone the Ottawa Police Call Centre at 613-236-1222
, ext. 7300.

Once you submit the online report, you will receive a temporary reference number. Approximately 24 hours later, you will be contacted with further information.

You should not file an report online if...
*       Threat or violence was used during the incident.
*       Evidence was left on the scene (bottle, bottle neck, blood, tools, or clothes).
*       Anyone saw the suspect as the crime was being committed.
*       The incident you are reporting did not happen in Ottawa.
*       You are NOT a resident of Canada.
*       You are reporting on behalf of a business.
*       If this is related to any kind of vandalism or graffiti that could be described as hate or gang motivated.

For more information on online reporting, please click on the link below.

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