Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Raccoons in the neighbourhood

QTSR residents may have noticed these guys in our neighbourhood. The Ottawa Humane Society gives tips on how to get along with our urban wildlife (click here).

Some tips for living with neighbourhood raccoons are:
  • Never feed raccoons.
  • Pick fruit as soon as it ripens.
  • Regularly pick up fallen birdseed.
  • Keep barbecues clean and covered when not in use.
  • Secure garbage in durable plastic containers with locking lids.
  • Store garbage indoors until collection day.
  • Keep compost in containers that keep raccoons out while allowing for ventilation.

Make your property unwelcoming
  • Block off potential access points to your attic, garage and other buildings.
  • Secure the perimeter of decks, sheds and crawl spaces.
  • Keep indoor pet food and any other food away from a pet door. Lock the pet door at night.
  • Install a chimney cap.
  • Trim branches near buildings to prevent easy access.
  • Complete home repairs in the autumn, so mother and young won't be trapped inside.
  • Use flashing lights, motion sensors and noise makers to deter raccoons.

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