Monday, 24 October 2016

QTSRCA AGM Follow-Up: How Can We Serve You Better?

The QTSR Community Association held our AGM yesterday and thanks to the willingness of a group of volunteers to stand for election to the executive we will be continuing our activities next year, including maintenance of the skating rink in Kilreen Park.

A key topic of discussion at the meeting were how to engage more members of our community to participate in our events or to assist with skating rink maintenance as volunteers.  We discussed improving our communications strategy and engaging in more direct email-based communication with the community.  To start this process, we have now added a new link on our “Contact Us” page that you can click on to generate an email to the association if you would like to receive email notifications of our upcoming meetings and events.

We also discussed the possibility of introducing new types of events, activities, and services for our community – both live and virtual.  Ideas included running small contests for neighbourhood residents on our website such as photo or colouring contests, creating a community resources guide that could be downloaded off of our website, and trying out new types of activities such as participating in the “Clean the Capital” campaign.

What are your ideas on this topic? How can we better serve our community? In what kinds of activities would you like to become involved? How can we best reach out and share information with you?

We are your community association, so your ideas and suggestions matter! We look forward to hearing from you!

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