Friday, 4 November 2016

Car Break-Ins in the Neighbourhood

Car break-ins have recently been reported in the neighbourhood.  Car break-ins are crimes of opportunity, so here are a couple of tips to reduce your risk of a vehicle break-in:

(1)    Lock your vehicle doors and close windows all the way.  Never leave your vehicle running and unattended

(2)    Don’t leave any valuables in your car.  This includes shopping bags, loose change, electronic devices such as IPods, cell phones, and GPS navigational systems, purses, or wallets.  Also remove personal identification such as your vehicle registration or insurance certificates.  If you have a vehicle with a visible cargo area consider getting a cover to hide any items you carry in your vehicle.

(3)    Park your vehicle facing the street and it well-lit areas if possible to make anyone tampering with your vehicle more likely to be seen

(4)    Engrave your vehicle registration number on any attractive components of your vehicle that thieves may target such as the stereo system, wheel rims, tools, etc.

(5)    Consider installing anti-theft devices

(6)    If you have a garage door opener, take it inside with you.  Also avoid leaving spare keys in your vehicle and never write your address on your keys.

If your car has been stolen, you can report the theft to the Ottawa Police Service either using their online form located at this link - or by calling 613-236-1222 ext. 7300.  The police will need the following information for the report:

·         Car year, make, model, and colour

·         Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

·         License plate number

·         Insurance company

·         Policy number

·         Telephone

·         Any outstanding features, dents, or scratches

·         Contents of the vehicle (e.g., stereo system)

If you don’t know this information, take a few minutes to record it and keep this information in a safe location in your house.

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